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Arm Cremation

I think word is starting to get out about Arm Cremation, its a spooky effect that was based on the head cremation but of a size that will fit on any magicians table.

There are a couple issues with the prop. First, you are dealing with fire and that is a no no in a lot of places. Not only are you dealing with a flash of fire, you are dealing with an open flame as well. Two separate fires take place during the performance of this effect so make sure you are aware of the fire restrictions if you use this prop. Second, the diameter of the hole for the arm (it can be a human arm) is, in my opinion of course, too small, so if you wish to use a live spectator pick a petite woman or use an assistant who's arm you know will fit in the box hole.

Third, it cannot be performed surrounded, but there are not too many angle issues with this effect unless they are behind you.

The effect comes with two electric flash pots, one will ignite the cremation as flames shoot out the top of the box, and the other ignites the flash as the arm reappears in the box. In the demo I do not use the top flash to ignite the cremations because I think this should be done manually, without magic. I wanted the magic to happen at the restoration at the end. I've seen it performed both ways though, its just a matter of preference.

Another nice thing about this effect is that there are actually two magic effects happening here, the arm being cremated or vanished, and the arm being restored. Most effects are either vanish or production, this one is both.

Arm Cremation requires some practice to get the timing down (but what effects don't). This is a very visual and easy effect to do and I think most magicians would use this effect since it is so unique.

Below is the sales ad for Arm Cremation...


Here is an illusion that will long be remembered by any audience. You may use your own assistant or a member of the audience. The subject inserts their arm into the crematory. Open the top door and wave a magical gesture. The box is engulfed in flames. Real flames gush from the box. Close the top door to extinguish the flames. Open the front door to reveal that the arm has melted away. And without any cover what so ever there is a flash inside the box and the arm is restored right before their very eyes. Imagine the publicity potential for this effect...can be done successfully on small stages or in clubs as well as on a large stage. This is a beautiful do not do justice. A real crowd pleaser.

Requires lighter fluid, flash cotton and batteries. The fire and flash are ignited electronically NO FLINT WHEELS OR MATCHES.

Also available in a stained wood for those who don't like the painted prop look upon request these are made by order please wait 1-2weeks for delivery

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