Abbotts Halloween Special


Alien Vegetation

Alien Vegetation From Outer Space is a fun routine done with a feather flower production, in this case Abbott's Super Botania. The story can be as "tongue in cheek" or as "creepy real" as you like. The premise is that we are slowly being invaded by alien beings but they are not your typical martian, in fact, they are a strange but intelligent vegetation that only grows in the dark (just the opposite of plant life from earth), they feed on human flesh (lots of opportunity for Halloween props there), and grow to enormous size instantly.

There are several different varieties of feather flower productions that will work with this, the most logical being the botania line. Quality feather flowers can be expensive but there are inexpensive ones made overseas that would also work with this effect. There is a big quality gap between the two, but in this case you can get away with the cheaper ones if you like because you are talking about "Alien Vegetation" anyhow (I always thought the cheaper,errr, economy botania's had a little spider look to them).

Alien Vegetation can be performed surrounded, there are no bad angles. Botania's are pretty near self working so you can put a lot of effort into a spooky presentation. Setup time is a few seconds but needs to be done away from prying eyes.

One other thing that can be said about this effect, if you can take an effect as pretty as a feather flower production and spookify it up, then almost any effect can become a spook effect with just a little imagination.

Below is the sales ad for Super Botania...

This most spectacular flower production has many features that should not be overlooked. A small chromed metal cover is used, 11" tall and 6" in diameter at its widest point. The cover is shown empty--the audience may look through it from BOTH ends! The performer may push his arm through it to show it empty. This cover is set upon a flat green board. A single bloom flower dart is dropped though the cover--the cover is lifted and the dart is seen to be sticking upright in the green board. This sequence is repeated several times in rapid succession. The last time the cover is lifted, instead of a single flower dart, a giant bouquet of flowers is revealed! The bouquet is nearly twice as tall as the cover (approximately 24" spherical). It is hard to believe that such a huge display could be concealed in the small chrome cover that was shown empty so convincingly at the start! All parts are mechanically perfect. The flowers are our best grade feathers. Comes in all red blooms with yellow centers. Assorted colors at no additional costs. Other solid single colors also available. If you are looking for novelty, surprise and mystery--look no further. This is it! Abbott's Super Botania contains eighteen blooms. No skill required.

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