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Alien Invasion

Created by Danny Archer, Alien Invasion is a packet trick that includes highly decorative alien cards and an alien invasion theme. This could be your own personal "War of the Worlds" if you like. Alien Invasion is easy to learn and perform, it uses the usual packet count so you probably already know the move to do this effect.

The cards in Alien Invasion are not examinable, but as said in other effects I would not hand them out even if they were examinable.

I bought two of these effects to make it repeatable, lets just say that it is repeatable but it will be a heck of a coincidence when the same card is selected the second time (you do not need to have people select a card, normally I just take the card off the top and do the effect). Setup is as easy as well. Something else that bears mentioning since it is rare in packet effects (actually any effect for that matter). You could continue doing this effect, going back and forth from Alien to regular card then back to Alien, forever. So if someone misses the effect the first time you are already set up to show it to them a second time if needed.

Since this effect also uses a regular deck, it is a great lead in to other effects with the deck after you have performed the Alien Invasion. The instructions are clear and they give a complete routine with patter (different than the one I use).

Alien Invasion appears to be off the market for now, but every once in a while you will find one sitting in the packet effect section of a magic shop. I would really suggest buying it, if for no other reason just to get the Alien Cards - they really do look good and you will find many uses for them if you do card routines.

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