Abbotts Halloween Special


Alien Bodies From Outer Space

Fact-If human bodies were the same density throughout, after thousands of years buried under the earth, they would decay into a ball due to gravity (this is why most planets are round). We all know human bodies are different densities, with muscle,skin, bones,etc all decomposing at different rates, but what if an alien race visited us and their bodies were of a uniform density, no matter what they looked like thousands of years ago, today they would look like a ball.

Using this logic came the idea for Alien Bodies From Outerspace which we tried out for the first time in 2010 and it went over well for the Halloween audiences. This is simply the Hole In One prop with a Sci Fi story spun around it.

I am giving the gist of the patter below, my son would not let me say it performing it for him, he has seen me perform it so often that he just automatically names his favorite color (yes, he always selects red as well, the perfect spectator).

"The Detroit Science Center (or where ever you are performing) unearthed these spheres from 2 miles deep in the earth's crust. They believe them to be alien bodies from outer space. The aliens had certain power while they lived, including be able to travel great distances unfettered by time, space, and matter.

The Aliens power seemed to be most potent when lined up in a circle. By the way, which color of alien do you like? The alien power also needs darkness since they have been in the earth for so long, so lets cover them briefly with this foulard.

Check it out, just simply thinking about the (color) alien gave him energy enough to move a few inches under a solid glass."

Couple issues with Hole In One, you have to watch your angles and not from the left or right. The effect takes a little practice to perfect (and you want to perfect it or you will have a ball bouncing on the floor, fortunately its not hard, just familiarize yourself with it). Below is the sales ad for Hole In One...

The properties consist of a tray approximately 8" x 16", one-half inch thick surrounded with a round wooden rail, as illustrated. Add to this one small ordinary glass; one large ordinary glass and six balls, each 1 and 3/4 inch in diameter, colored Red, Yellow, Green, Silver, Blue, and Black. The tray, balls and glasses are shown. The small glass is placed on the tray and covered with the inverted larger glass. One of the colored balls is selected. There is no force and the ball may be marked for identification. The mouth opening of the small glass is positively covered by the large glass making it impossible for anything to enter the small glass without the knowledge of the spectators. The different colored balls are placed on the tray around the nested glasses. The performer holds the tray between his hands as a spectator drapes a large hank or fancy cloth over the tray, covering the glasses and the balls. No sooner does the spectator accomplish this than the tray is handed to him. The magician explains that he will show how to make a hole in one. "What colored ball did you select Red" All right, I will extract that ball, invisibly, from the covered tray then throw that invisible ball through the cloth, through the cloth, through the large glass and into the small glass. (His actions suit these words and when the cloth is removed, believe it or not, the selected ball is nested between the glasses.) There you are! The colored ball you selected is now in the small glass! Let's try it again! This extraordinary effect may be repeated at once. Re-read the above description and take note of the speed at which it is performed. The working action is remarkable. It can't fail. It is mechanically perfect. Yet, it is easy to do and one of the most confounding tricks ever invented. Use it for close-up, use it for platform or stage work. The entire outfit makes a most colorful display. Comes ready to work, including tray, glasses, balls and instructions.

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