Product Focus
Acrobatic Silks
Alien Bodies
Alien Invasion
Alien Vegetation
Arm Cremation
Bleeding Rose
Book of Revelations
Box of Thing
Burned In Time
Candy Bowl Production
Card Rise Chest
Crystal Dimension Mirror
Dancing Hank
Dagger Head Illusion
Demon of the Tarot
Directors Cut Horror
Doom Service
Floating Death Head
Flaming Head Chest
Floating Lightbulb
Floating Mask
Forgetful Frankie
Freaky Body Illusions
French Arm Chopper
French Guillotine
Full Light Seance
Genie Flying Carpet
Ghost Tag
Ghost Vision
Gypsy Whisper
Haunted Schwocho Box
Horizontal Card Rise
In Lizzys Hand
Jet Set Backdrop
Living and Dead
Mr Bones
Needle Thru Arm
Neonistic Production
No Way Spider Web
Oh No
Perfect Nail Bend
Perils of Time Travel
Production Chest
Proxy Chests
Psychokinetic Bolt & Case
Pumpkin Mask Paper Tear
Scary in Miniature
Shenanigan Spooks
Shrinking/Growing Head
Silk Through Skeleton
Skeletons in the Closet
Skeleton Thru Glass
Spirit Bell
Spirit Feather
Spirit Slates - Standard
Spirit Slates - Magnetic
Spook House
Super X Levitation
The Thing
TransDimensional Horror
Trick or Treat Bag
Tricky Tarantula
Trio of Terror
To Kill A Zombie
Ultra Spook Light
Un-Holey Surprise
Vampire Dawn
Visible Sawing
Visible Vampire Block
Voo Doo Doll
Web Trick
Witch Doctor Illusion
Witches Almanac
Zombie Flash