Skeleton Facade

Located in Colon MI, the Magic Capital of the World, Abbott Magic has been supplying spooky magic to magicians for over 75 years! Some of the Magicians who have visited us you may have heard of, names like Blackstone, Lance Burton, Doug Henning, Mark Wilson, Kevin James, Franz Harary, Jeff Hobson, Mac King, Cardini, and even David Copperfield (although he wasn't David Copperfield yet). Abbott Magic supplies everything from simple tricks that kids can do to the largest illusions for stage magicians.

Each year Abbott Magic has several events: A Closeup Convention for magicians in March, A Magic Flea Market and Auction in May, and one of the largest and oldest Magic Conventions in the world, the Abbott Magic Get Together in August (which is open to magicians and the general public). In addition Abbott Magic is open to the public 6 days a week and has Summer Magic Shows each Saturday during the summer months. This keeps the place pretty busy with visitor's so its important to keep our skeletons in shape with a touch up from time to time (skeletons have always been a part of Abbott Magic since it opened in 1934).

Located a few blocks away from Abbott Magic is Lakeside Cemetery which is the final resting place for many famous (and some not so famous) magicians. Each year, during the Abbott Magic Get Together, a graveyard tour is given by a Magician to the visitors who come for the convention and magic shows. This tradition was started by Karrell Fox a long time ago and was passed down to the current keeper of the graveyard tour - Al the Only (in 1998 Karrell passed on and joined what we affectionately call Magics Final Act).

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touching up the skeletons

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