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Graveyard of Magic


The artwork and atmosphere created by the spooksters of the past will probably never be equalled so we thought we would recreate some of the Abbott artwork of that era and put it on some modern products. Below are some samples of the over 1000 items for sale at Abbott's Get Together Gear

Skeleton Message Bag
Spooky 75th Mens Baseball Jersey
Web Head Mug
Inlaws Are Visiting Long Sleeve Dark T-Shirt
Head Case Ipad Case
Dusting Off A Few Old Ones Magnet
Kitty Kat Kindle Sleeve
Skeleton Wall Clock
Abbotts X Ray Scope White T-Shirt


Way back in the 1930's Abbott Magic published a magazine called Tops and part of Tops responsibility was to cover Magic Spook Shows from across the country. The magazine grew in popularity and eventually articles from across the country were being published in Tops. Here you can read some of those articles and also read articles about current Magic Spook Shows that you can visit this upcoming Halloween.

Illusions in the Night 2011
Silkini Spook Show
Bill Neff
Houdini Seance at Winchester House
Illusions in the Night 1992
Grand Guignol 1963
Thurstons Demon
Asylum of Horrors
Card One's House of Ghostly Haunts


Over 80 demonstrations of creepy magic tricks and creepy routines. These demonstrations are not done by a professional magician (and in some cases it shows) but are done by one of Abbott Magic's web designers (who ran a haunted house in the Detroit area for 10 years so he has a true interest in magic and Halloween). The demonstrations are designed to show you exactly what the effects limitations and strengths are so that you can incorporate it into your own Halloween scene or Halloween show.

Unholey Surprise
French Guillotine
Voo Doo Doll
Horizontal Card Rise
Needle Thru Arm
Super X Levitation
Transdimensional Horror
Living and Dead


Creepy Magic effects, like people, have lifespans. Some, like the Cups and Balls and Linking Rings, are thousands of years old. However, most magic tricks disappear from the market a few years after making their initial appearance, some evolve into better props, some are replaced with technology, while others were just not that great of a magic trick to begin with. When a magic trick dies, someone's dream dies as well so we decided to remember those dreams (plus we liked the artwork) of "dead" creepy magic effects over 50 years old.

Spirit Radio
Talking Skull
Phanto Dial
Spirit Writes
Spirit Spooks
Creepy Magic
Creepy Magic
Watch The Spots
Chopping Block


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